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the 4 spiritual laws of theocapitalism

Brian D. McLaren [Everything Must Change] identifies the creed of theocapitalism and then offers a deconstruction of these 4 spiritual laws through Jesus’ framing story

1. The Law of Progress Through Rapid Growth I believe in one god: Progress, maker of all that is, through rapid growth.

Jesus: the law of good deeds for the common good.

2. The Law of Serenity Through Possession and Consumption I believe in happiness through owning and using more.

Jesus: the law of satisfaction through gratitude and sharing.

3. The Law of Salvation Through Competition Alone By win-lose competition alone you have been saved.

Jesus: the law of salvation through seeking justice.

4. The Law of Freedom to Prosper Through Unaccountable Corporations I believe in one, holy, catholic, and apostolic economy and in the communion of unaccountable corporations.

Jesus: the law of freedom to prosper by building better communities.


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