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conferneces and poetry

This past week i was able to attend two extraordinary conferences: Intuitive Leadership [w/ Tim Keel] and Everything Must Change [w/ Brian McLaren]. I am extremely grateful for the conversations and new friends.

Allow me to share some poetry that came as a response to these times of learning and engagement:

becoming a listening

over the vast ocean i float
back and forth. back and forth.
left and right mean nothing to me.
up is too big. down is too scary.

can i hear the voice of my creator?
i use my voice to express boredom.
i use my voice to create a new self,
a self that has never seen the ocean,
nor boats,
nor endless horizons.
i use my voice to create solidity.
i use my voice to create certainty.

my reality nearly becomes real,
and i lose my voice.
do you have a voice i could borrow?
quick, give me a voice.
i am starting to taste the salty air again.
please, i need a voice.
could you at least let me into your reality?

shh! . . . . . . . shh!

the wind is saying to listen, to breathe.
the clouds are saying to watch, to meditate.
the ocean is saying to leap into the absurd.


reform the illusion.
seek not the illusory ideas,
seek first the kingdom of god.
reformation of kingdoms.
national and personal.
death of god.
reform ceases not.
always reforming.
always seeking.


About david b. clark

a husband and father || a student of philosophy, theology, history, literature, music, art, computer science


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