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the stolen generation

I just finished watching an incredible film, Rabbit-Proof Fence. It is the story of three aboriginal girls who were “legally” taken from their mothers because they were “half-caste.” As is explained in the clip below the purpose was to take these half white, half aboriginal children and make them as white as they can. These three girls escaped from the mission and walked and extraordinary distance back home, while out-witting the Australian government. As is told at the end of the film, the eldest of the girls, Molly, married and had a daughter of her own. Molly and her daughter were abducted again and sent to a mission. Molly again escaped and made it back home. These girls represent the Stolen Generation.

These are horrible evils, and many were even done in the name of Christianity. In this post-colonial world, I have absolutely no idea how to respond to these events. How do I deal with the guilt of the Holocaust, Wounded Knee, slavery, and the Stolen Generation. I don’t know what my response should be.

Here’s the link the YouTube clip: Rabbit-Proof Fence – The Unwanted Third Race


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