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reflections on foreign policy

We have had the first of our presidential debates. The first of these focused on foreign policy and little bit of economics. My concern is that in our post-colonial world we are still operating from an inherently colonial worldview. We work from narratives of superiority, power, coercion and homogeneity. In the 90 minutes of debate not a thing was said about neighborliness, friendship, cooperation with those who don’t agree, humility and protecting the oppressed.

The Middle East has just as much problems as several nations in Africa. Yet there was not a word spoken about Africa. Why? Perhaps oil.

When a developing nation begins the process of choosing a new leader, why do we put so much emphasis on that nation choosing a pro-American leader? If we were really democratic, we shouldn’t give a shit who leads as long as its the people’s choice. Are we so arrogant that we can’t work with someone who disagrees with us?

What is more important to American foreign policy, military strategies or peace-making wisdom? According to our budget and the amount of time given to military policies in the context of discussion of foreign policy, obviously we, as a Americans, would much rather kill than foster friendships with the “other” to create the possibility for a better humanity.


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