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All I want for Christmas . . .

. . . is a new transmission.

Our Christmas Eve adventure:

On our way to the state of Nebraska, our van became very fond of neutral and refused to engage into drive nor reverse. So the tow truck and deputy sheriff (who was wearing blue jeans, a t-shirt and a black ball cap that proudly displayed his status as deputy sheriff) drove me, my wife, three boys and my broken van into the great town of Mound City, MO which features a McDonalds with an oversized duck on a pole.

So we sat in the said McDonalds for two hours watching Toy Story and waiting for my incredibly generous and loving parents to bring us an extra van for us to continue our travels to Nebraska.

Currently our van has made its way into St. Joseph awaiting for someone to look at the thing and hit us up with the damage.


About david b. clark

a husband and father || a student of philosophy, theology, history, literature, music, art, computer science


One thought on “All I want for Christmas . . .

  1. how terrible! hope the rest of your Christmas went better :)

    Posted by apieceofhome | 27 December, 2008, 10:14 am

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