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in honor of 9/11

In honor of 9/11 let remember the words of an evangelical christian president who disillusioned so many good people: “Let us go shop.”

This is how we can honor the national tragedy.

Show your confidence in the gods of capitalism. The gods of nationalism. The gods of militarism.

Go shopping. Continue buying clothes and food  that give you comfort and good feelings while driving more and more into severe poverty, hunger and disease.

Go shopping. Buy into the empire and pitch your incense at the temple of America. Let us remove the cross from our churches but wave the Stars and Stripes proud. Let us add to our Christian list of principles that of patriotism.

Go shopping. Buy more and more weapons so that we can control and destroy anyone who does not choose to democratic. Even better, let’s supply weapons to war-lords and the civil wars that ravage the land and innocent in Africa. Let us put more despots in power just so that we can have the privilege, honor and duty to destroy their country and hang that person on public TV.

Let freedom ring (from the barrel of a gun).

So, God (of capitalism, nationalism and militarism) bless America!


About david b. clark

a husband and father || a student of philosophy, theology, history, literature, music, art, computer science


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