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The Politicization of Children

The past month the politicians of Washington along with the media have “discovered” a “border crisis.” It is not as though this is something that has only just begun at the beginning of June, it seems more that Washington has decided to play some political games with immigration and so now the general public is … Continue reading

Fast Food Lines

Can we please stop complaining about the long lines and supposed incompetence of fast food employees? Thousands wait for emergency food aid the from @ICRC air drops in Leer #SouthSudan pic.twitter.com/0fJjNNJ0rw — Nichole Sobecki (@nicholesobecki) July 7, 2014

The Ancient Paths

Economy: Desperation

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation Henry David Thoreau, Walden What is desperation and why does Thoreau begin talking about desperation in this opening chapter on economy in his semi-memoir of his time at Walden Pond? Economy seems to be so much more than the mere exchange of stocks, setting of interest … Continue reading

aristotle on truth :: me on the self-made person

The investigation of the truth is in one way hard, in another way easy. An indication of this is found in the fact that no one is able to attain the truth adequately, while, on the other hand, no one fails entirely, but everyone says something true about the nature of things, and while individually … Continue reading

setting out on a long journey

A person has to be thoroughly disgusted with the way things are to find the motivation to set out on the Christian way. As long as we think that the next election might eliminate crime and establish justice or another scientific breakthrough might save the environment or another pay raise might push us over the … Continue reading

a hard question

When is injustice so unspeakable that it demands violent response? http://thehardestquestion.org/yearc/ordinary16ot/#more-246

blessed are the peacemakers

dear god

living dangerously

To be a Christian is to live dangerously, honestly, freely — to step in the name of love as if you may land on nothing, yet to keep stepping because the something that sustains you no empire can give you and no empire can take away. || Cornel West, Democracy Matters