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The Politicization of Children

The past month the politicians of Washington along with the media have “discovered” a “border crisis.” It is not as though this is something that has only just begun at the beginning of June, it seems more that Washington has decided to play some political games with immigration and so now the general public is … Continue reading

Fast Food Lines

Can we please stop complaining about the long lines and supposed incompetence of fast food employees? Thousands wait for emergency food aid the from @ICRC air drops in Leer #SouthSudan pic.twitter.com/0fJjNNJ0rw — Nichole Sobecki (@nicholesobecki) July 7, 2014

a hard question

When is injustice so unspeakable that it demands violent response? http://thehardestquestion.org/yearc/ordinary16ot/#more-246

blessed are the peacemakers

child labor in agriculture

the life and legacy of cesar chavez

At the End of Slavery film

slavery in our own backyard

A slavery ring, centered in historic Westport, was discovered just this year. Here is an article from the Kansas City Star published this past week: Mo. RICO charges a 1st for human trafficking case Also an op-ed piece from the Wall Street Journal from a couple of months ago: Modern Slavery Comes to Kansas Kyrie … Continue reading

Recovering Reconciliation as the Mission of God

10 Theses Reconciliation is God’s gift to the world. Healing of the world’s deep brokenness does not begin with us and our action, but with God and God’s gift of new creation. Reconciliation is not a theory, achievement, technique or event. It is a journey. The end toward which the journey of reconciliation leads is … Continue reading

the stolen generation

I just finished watching an incredible film, Rabbit-Proof Fence. It is the story of three aboriginal girls who were “legally” taken from their mothers because they were “half-caste.” As is explained in the clip below the purpose was to take these half white, half aboriginal children and make them as white as they can. These … Continue reading